20th February 2014 The fact that Lottie Dexter cannot program and hasn’t started to learn is seemingly redundant. Does a mother have to burn herself in order to teach her child not to play with fire? Nor do you need to be an academic in order to have a didactic purpose for an individual. To suggest that you must be from a certain occupational field or intelligence to come up with a new concept evokes thoughts of obscenity. We must take into account the growing…Continue Reading “Lottie Dexter”

Originally published on Afronoire – 31st October 2013 J.K Rowling once boldly stated “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” I found mine. Since E.L James blessed us ladies with the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, the character of Christian Grey has had females across the globe swooning, pining for his muscular physique and sensual grey eyes. This fictional character is arguably the archetype of the perfect male Adonis – wealthy, successful, romantic, attentive, spontaneous, ridiculously gorgeous with the ability…Continue Reading “Christian Grey”

Originally published on Style and Talent – 12th August 2014 Kat Maconie is an asset to the British shoe designing industry with an instinctive understanding of craftsmanship without formal training – the most significant tell tale sign of a born designer. As a proudly fashion obsessed woman, I am more than aware that even the most carefully picked outfits can be fall flat because of poor footwear choice – wear any pair of shoes from Maconie’s range and I can guarantee this will be a…Continue Reading “Kat Maconie”