Lottie Dexter

20th February 2014

The fact that Lottie Dexter cannot program and hasn’t started to learn is seemingly redundant. Does a mother have to burn herself in order to teach her child not to play with fire? Nor do you need to be an academic in order to have a didactic purpose for an individual. To suggest that you must be from a certain occupational field or intelligence to come up with a new concept evokes thoughts of obscenity. We must take into account the growing power of computing and the proliferation of the internet, both of which as a training journalist, I am currently learning about, with HTML coding, which a number of students are finding challenge, had we learnt this during our earlier years, the situation we have found ourselves in would be very different.

Christian Grey

Originally published on Afronoire – 31st October 2013

J.K Rowling once boldly stated “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” I found mine. Since E.L James blessed us ladies with the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, the character of Christian Grey has had females across the globe swooning, pining for his muscular physique and sensual grey eyes. This fictional character is arguably the archetype of the perfect male Adonis – wealthy, successful, romantic, attentive, spontaneous, ridiculously gorgeous with the ability to awaken a woman’s ‘inner goddess’ as Anastacia Steele describes her passionate, albeit risqué bedroom shenanigans with Mr Grey. Which woman wouldn’t want to be explored to the depths of no return, cherished and adored? I, for one, can proudly admit that I was, and still am utterly enthralled by Christian and couldn’t tear myself away from the book for days.

I was browsing on Twitter when I came across an intriguing discovery. The likeness was uncanny. A Christian Grey Twitter account. Someone had brought E.L James’ creation to life to over 97,500 followers. This translates into over 90,000 women hanging onto every last word of the CEO. He often asks followers about their day, affectionately referring to them as ‘baby’, he same nickname that he gives to Ana in the novel. I ask myself, what has caused such a phenomenon? Is it because of Grey’s authoritative presence yet gentlemanly politeness that has made woman shriek delightfully at the mere mention of his name? Is it because we have become accustomed to a multitude of males that lack the fundamental characteristics of Grey, or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment with an unrealistic viewpoint of males? Some critics have contemptuously referred to Christian as having the attributes of an abusive partner. Now this is quite a controversial topic. Christian’s nightmares, a result of his horrific incidents during his childhood, have caused insecurities meaning he is petrified of losing Ana. Consensual BDSM acts aside, in no way does he subject Ana to mental, physical or emotional abuse, if anything, he learns how to become a better person, to love, respect and adhere to Ana’s needs and desires. In addition to their libidinous relationship, the fundamental factors of the couple are sincere. This is a beautiful love story of two souls who need each other. I believe that the story of a powerful man with insecurities (the classic rags to riches story) who assimilates to the needs of an ordinary woman (who could be seen as a microcosm for women everywhere) is where Christian’s appeal lies. A man who embraces every curve of the female anatomy in all its glory, flaws and all, while effectively diminishing insecurities. A connoisseur of body language, intimate female affairs (as well as hair, beauty and clothing) that endeavours to keep his lady jubilant. A man who worships the ground that his woman walks upon, making her feel in a way in which no other man could – sexually, mentally, excitement, spontaneity, exploration (“We aim to please Miss Steele.”) A man who encourages you to become a better woman who swims in confidence. He is every woman’s fantasy.

In all honesty, the casting of the film adaptation caused me a great grievance. I was utterly outraged. With all due respect I stand strongly by the belief that the leading couple simply would not embody my vision of Christian and Ana, with Charlie Hunnam no longer playing Mr Dreamy, I sincerely wondered who would be portraying my quintessential specimen of a husband. Perfect candidates would have been doe eyed actress Zoeey Deschanel or Alexis Bledel who both exuberate Ana’s initial innocence and naivety. With no disrespect intended to Jamie Dornan, Jessie Pavelka (who happens to be the avi for the Christian Grey twitter account), Matt Bomer, Joe Maganiello (the epitome of the rugged look although this juxtaposes my vision of Grey) or Ian Somerhalder and his chiselled, smouldering looks would have been ideal eye candy.

If you’ve finished the trilogy and are yearning for more or you simply cannot go through the day without your daily dose of Grey then be sure to visit the Christian Grey Twitter page @ChristianTGrey and fall hopelessly in love with the CEO at Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.