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March 2018

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May 2019

How I Cope  is an on-going blog series where colleagues from across the sector – and at different stages of their career – share their experiences of self-care and wellbeing.     

Mental health and balancing work and life is increasingly recognised as essential to our happiness and ability to make the most of our talents. By encouraging greater awareness and exchanging tips and helpful advice,  How I Cope  aims to create a space for us to support each other, and the health of our sector in general.    


How I Cope – Arnelle Paterson

Park Royal is just north of White City and its light-industry exterior hides havens of creative excellence. One such is Contrado, one of the UK’s top print-on-demand companies.

With over 108 fabrics and 250 lifestyle products, and the option to make your own customised clothing, the possibilities here are endless. You can print your own shower curtain, or design a pair leggings. Once inside wielding a camera, I know how Charlie felt visiting the chocolate factory.

This place really is the Willy Wonka for all things creative, whether you want to be the next Vivienne Westwood or Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The space is huge, with fast-paced sewing and fabric cutting on one side and heavy machinery with calculated movements on the other. Here the saying, “what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve” is a reality.



Commentary on Bush Theatre’s Performing Protest video

February 2018

Video by Bush Theatre: Performing Protest