Upwork Client Client requested a news article on their Islamic clothing range – Worldwide Dawah October 2017 A 22-year-old entrepreneur is using clothing to tackle a social issue, and help people around the globe. Ali Yazici launched Worldwide Dawah, based in Holland. He elaborates on its Islamic core, touching upon why Muslims believe it’s important to help the Ummah, the Islamic community, and Sadaqah, known as charity, one of the five pillars of Islam. “It’s my attempt at helping fellow Muslims while spreading a message…Continue Reading “Worldwide Dawah”

10th March 2014 Miss X represents the type of escort that the media rarely mentions. Labelled ‘the world’s oldest profession’ by historians, the alternative occupation is currently the topic of debate with discussions of its legalisation within the UK. In 2012, Islington Gazette reported approximately 1,000 sex workers and associated businesses in the North London area and the Home Office estimates there are 80,000 sex workers in the UK. X, an independent escort from London believes that sex work shouldn’t be criminalised. “This is work…Continue Reading “Sex Workers Legalisation”

21st November 2013 Nearly 9,000 motorcyclists were admitted to UK hospitals last year according to statistics by the Health & Social Care Information Centre. Over 3,600 of accidents were due to transport accidents that did not involve a collision with another vehicle. 2,871 were caused by collisions with other vehicles, up by nearly 1,900 since 2006. Mark Jaffe, manager and British Motorcyclists Federation advanced assessor at Phoenix Training Centre in Croydon said “This is due to the increase of motorcyclists on the road in 2012,…Continue Reading “Motorcyclists Statistics”