Dry, scaly, calloused and rough – these are adjectives that rarely have positive bearings, especially when used in conjunction with the human anatomy. In a survey conducted by AskMen.com, one woman revealed that male hands offer a series of revelations. I cannot disagree. The close examination of the appendage at the end of your arm used primarily for everyday activity may seem somewhat peculiar, but hands speak utter unspoken words and answer that have yet to be communicated – hygiene first and foremost, the manner…Continue Reading “Male hand care”

5 Make Up Trends Autumn/Winter  1) Statement eyeliner – Picture the perfect combination of Arabian eyeliner with Rita Ora’s daring look at the GQ Awards 2013 – this is the recipe for success. 2) Dewy – Celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger and Kourtney Kardashian have showcased their bare faced looks on Instagram, this year is set to be the celebration of natural beauty. Swap your heavy foundation and concealer for BB cream and moisturising lip balm with a slight colour tint. 3) Bright lips –…Continue Reading “5 Make Up Trends – AW14”

Originally published on Afronoire – 21st February 2014 1) Braid out/two strand twist – This is great for natural ladies as well as those who are relaxed/texlaxed who want to recreate their pre-relaxer locks. Start with dry or damp hair, if your hair is damp, apply a leave in conditioner. Section hair into four and use a curl defining hair crème with a dap of gel and work through each section of your hair. Decide how you wish to part your hair and use this…Continue Reading “7 Hairstyles You Can Do At Home”

13th October 2013 As a nail biter since my days of cherubic innocence, when I reached my later teenager years, I found myself partial to acrylic nails as a solution to my terrible habit. I’m a pioneer of the idea that your outfit isn’t complete without gorgeous nails, and when it came to important occasions, I refused to fall short. The problem with acrylic nails is they are time consuming, from waiting to be seen to fortnightly infills. I wasn’t aware of the extent of…Continue Reading “Danger of acrylics”

Originally published in MACs Magazine – 7th October 2013 Kickin’ Keratosis Pilaris Keratosis Pilaris is a non-contagious genetic skin condition that occurs on the upper arms, buttocks, front of thighs, forearms and upper back, in rare cases it can appear on eyebrows, face, scalp or on the entire body surface. It affects 50 to 80% of adolescents, 40% of children and the likelihood of development is increased within those of Celtic origin. It is often associated with dry skin conditions such as eczema and scaling…Continue Reading “Kickin’ Keratosis Pilaris”