PDF of Spectrum Magazine which I was the Editor-in-Chief for. Editor-in-Chief role, involved with the concept (targeting 16-24 year olds from ethnic, sexual and religious minorities in London), artwork, cover imagery, commissioning stories, as well as writing articles that explores BAME issues. February 2016 SPECTRUM-FinalLayout  

Originally published in The Early Hour Magazine Handbag designer Jules Greaves founded her fashion label Susie in the Sky after her mother passed away – and named it after her. This morning, we talk motherhood, 5am starts and the challenges of running your own business… March 2017 CLICK HERE

Originally published in The Early Hour Magazine “I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about his race. To me, he’s just my super freakin’ cute kid… but I’ll never be able to relate to how it feels growing up a black child in a white home.” I spoke to Leah Sannar about interracial adoption, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and whether she believes race is a social construct…. March 2017 CLICK HERE