The Old Television Centre’s New Arrival: White City House

May 2018

Old met new when the White City House opened on 23rdApril on old BBC turf. With two floors of club space, a rooftop pool, numerous bars, a cinema officially opening in July, screening room, gym, as well as 45 bedrooms, its no wonder that it took five years to complete.

White City House invited us for a tour and we jumped at the chance. With an 8th, 9th and 10th floor, we were in for a mini workout. The 8th floor is exclusively for members who need an event space (you can even slide the doors to manipulate the size of the room).

If you’re into pool, or just want a quiet sit down and a tipple, the main members area on the 9th floor is the place to be. Tibor, who also designed for the BBC way back when, are the  behind the floor’s rich furniture and textured fabrics. We dare you not to cop a feel.

That isn’t the only example of vintage aesthetic either. The panelling in the lifts will excite Dr Who fans, and the fluted-oak wall panels near the kitchen will take you back in time to the BBC’s old reception.

The décor stays true to the BBC’s 50’s and ‘60s heritage, with sun loungers and parasols on the rooftop pool. It evokes Old Hollywood vibes; we could almost picture Marilyn Monroe poised on one of the lounger with a martini in hand and The Rat Pack swooning in the background. Bea Reeve-Tucker, the Communications Assistant explains the flower design on the loungers “Our graphic designer Daisy drew the flowers by hand, so it’s a completely original design.”

No matter what floor you’re on, you’re treated to a breath-taking view of White City that can be enjoyed all year round. “We’re planning to have the balcony area heated during the winter season,” she beams.

We had a peek into of the open kitchen, which features a range of tantalising East Asian and Western dishes. Our curiosity was warranted too. Reeve-Tucker reveals, “The kitchen is supposed to remind you of your kitchen at home, the way you can just pop your head in and see what’s going on!”

White City House’s House Gym is almost too pretty to imagine working up a sweat in. There’s equipment and studio spaces for all of your fitness needs, whether it’s high intensity interval training, or cardio and weightlifting. Plus, you can cool off in in the pool, or opt for the steam room, sauna or relax with hammam session instead. Finish off with a bite at the juice bar, but not before some celeb treatment in the makeup area of the ladies changing rooms.

On our way out, one particular framed piece catches our attention. Richard Bacon was infamously dismissed from Blue Peter for cocaine use, and he gave the phone number of the dealer (where he used to purchase the substances) to contemporary artist Ben Kustow. An inspired Kustow created an image of a rolled up piece of paper with the phone number on it.

Interested? A monthly membership will set you back £108.33. And they say you can’t put a price on happiness.

Photos by the Soho House Group.