Speech on Racial Equality, Law and Religion in America

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October 2017


How can I help my brothers and sisters of humanity, of all races, creeds and religion, to understand that violence is never the answer, and that protest alone is not the answer to judicial racial equality?

What we desperately need, is to go back to the fundamentals within law enforcement.

For those who seek aid solely through prayer, may God bless you, but I am biblically convinced that God has already equipped us with the answers, the power, and truth within ourselves, and within the very core of our society.

God has allowed us to live in a Republic where we, as adults, have an equal power – one vote.

How can I help my brothers and sisters, of humanity, of all races, creeds and religion to understand that if we feel unrepresented by elected officials, that we have the power to fill those shoes ourselves, or elect our fellow brother or sister.

If the St. Louis district attorney cannot convince a judge to convict an officer of murder, despite overwhelming evidence for conviction, then we must use the power God has given us, to vote, and place the right people in a position to bring justice.

If you believe the recommendations of the Ferguson commission should be adopted, and politicians refuse, YOU can vote them out.

For this to work, we all need to come together, the old, young, the rich, and the ostracized, such as gang members. Whilst the marches in the 1960s were key to start progression, the time has come for us to build upon that.

We must teach ourselves, and our children, to respect the law, even while we work collectively, to make sure that innocent people no longer fear law enforcers.

The one flaw I see in this plan, is the fact that it is hard to prevent gerrymandering’s role within the voting system, but if we stand united in love and prayer, our Almighty God will do the rest.

More on this another time.

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