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Upwork Client

Client requested a 30 second script for a domestic and commercial cleaning service, their target audience was wealthy British families (www.taylorsmaids.co.uk)

September 2017


The place in which you dwell, whether your home, or workspace should be nothing but a complete oasis of serenity. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

This is where Taylor’s Maids come in. Our services help to bring the balance back into your life, relieving stress and worry, with a professional, reliable cleaning service catered to your individual needs.

We provide Live in Housekeeping, general cleaning, pet sitting and walking, as well as commercial and end of tenancy cleaning.

This means you can enjoy your time in your personal oasis, with the people that matter the most.

Taylor’s Maids… tailor made, for you.


(Scene starts in a luxury living room setting, with actress 1’s eyes closed, sat on a sofa, breathing in deeply, an establishing shot of the scene, and then a close up of her face as she breathes)

Music to indicate chaos

(She opens her eyes slowly and sees the mess in her living room, and walks around her house, spotting more and more mess, her eyes widen in panic!)

Doorbell rings

(Actress 1 runs downstairs to the door, opens it, and one of Taylor’s Maids is there, smiling, there’s a shot-reverse-shot here, so it goes back to Actress 1 1 visibly relaxing, smiling and ushering her in)

Actress 1 sits down with a cup of tea, while the Taylor Maid whizzes around the house in record time, taking care of all the mess, and pet walking – this is a time lapse shot)

  • A list of all services appears on the screen – in time with the voiceover

(The last scene is the Actress on the sofa with her pet and family, all hugging and watching the TV, she kisses her daughter’s head gently, and hugs her son, while her husband puts his arms around her (the camera is the TV, so they’re all looking at the camera)

Ends with the Taylor’s Maid logo


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