7th December 2015  The Mayor of London’s crime prevention unit has launched an anti-gang pilot scheme and it’s being tried out in Lambeth, Westminster and Haringey until January 2016. All gang members can be punished, even if they weren’t involved in the crime. Campaigners have criticised the scheme, but is this the best way to crack down on gangs in London? Arnelle Paterson reports

16th March 2014 Selling to the Brazilian market speakers is a massive, growing and lucrative global ecommerce market. There are over 240m Portuguese speakers  around the world including 201m in Brazil, 2.25m in Mozambique , 18m in Angola and 10m in Portugal. It is clear that the Portuguese language is not isolated to Portugal which only accounts for 41% of the Portuguese speaking population worldwide. Localising to Portuguese is an excellent path to driving global ecommerce: Portuguese is an official language in 11 countries and…Continue Reading “Brazil E-Commerce 2014”

25th October 2013 The school run, waking up late, University or the “I’ll eat later” excuse are not justifiable reasons to skip one of the most important meals of the day. During one’s dormant state, the body has been deprived of food for a number of hours. It is significantly important that you fuel your body in order to function efficiently throughout the day. Additionally, the likelihood of binging on sugar ridden snacks as a supplement for skipping breakfast decreases greatly. Our bodies crave sugar…Continue Reading “Breakfast Alternatives”

Originally published on MACs Magazine’s website – 17th September 2013 SEE MY GHANA VLOGS PART 1 & 2  PART 1 PART 2 When President John Atta Mills pumped the first gush of oil on 15th December 2010, Ghana was propelled into the public eye like never before. The nation has since been working on the development of the oil business in a profitable manner in order to create a sustainable economic growth, thus benefiting the West African country and its inhabitants. 22 million barrels of…Continue Reading “Ghana 2013”

7th April 2015 From its exterior, Mamounia Lounge Mayfair appears to be another sub-par shisha café, surrounded by a sea of hazy shisha smoke, clinking glasses and a legion of people outside. The elegant Arabian décor inside is a pleasant contradiction. As I was shown to my candlelit table, I took in a place resembling an upmarket nightclub. The waiter greeted me with a warm smile and made casual small talk before taking my order. First up was the Caribbean breeze cocktail, a mixture of…Continue Reading “Mamounia Lounge”